100 Man Kumite in Swiss

For the Second time this year traveled the Group of Shin Karate Germany to a Swiss event. This time it was challenge: 100 Man kumite in Kyokushin/Shinkyokushin style. We are very proud that we could participate on this well organized event. On this event were represented all age, weight and ranking classes therefore was it really exciting event to challenge ourselves against young, older, bigger or more caapble fighters. I am proud to announce that our team hold theyr own and fought with glory till the end. Almost every participant could complete 50 Rounds and 5 aprticipanta completed the full 100 rounds. The Participants: KSC Zwiesel: Sensei Jakub Cerny, Sylvia Frey, Bianca Schmidberger, Mohamad Tarek Alkawas, Joudy Darwisch, Zabiullah Darwishi, Lisa Hoidn. Participant from KSC Bad-Kötzting: Bastian Gogeissl.

We would like to extend our thanks to Organizators: Shihan Peter Steinmann and Shihan Andreas Gabler.