The WFKU was born to support many martial artists and schools who came demanding a place to feel identified and to guide them in the way of true way and spirit of real Budo Karate.
The WFKU has now grown into a worldwide based organisation with Branches located around the world.
The WFKU under the leadership of Shihan Andrew Rekunov 7th Dan who follows the true principles Budo Karate.
The WFKU was established to carry on and pass on a system and spirit of true Budo Karate Full Contact.
We have developed a new approach in order to achieve and contribute to a better society, which is based on tolerance, love and peace.

We have grown rapidly with the dedicated help of our Board Members, Branch Chiefs and students around the world and now have a strong presence in every continent, namely Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

WFKU is a powerful Full Contact Karate System and when you join you can be assured that you are joining one of the most prestigious and authentic traditional Martial Arts Organization’s in the world.

The WFKU apart from primarily being a Full Contact Karate System strives to offer real Budo Karate under the following rules, making Full Contact Karate truly a Martial Art system for all ages, abilities and ambitions.
• Knockdown Kumite(Kyokushin and similar styles)
• Full Contact Kumite (boxer gloves)
• Light Contact Kumite (boxer gloves)
• Point Kumite (boxer gloves)

Why Join Our Organisation?

• Accreditation
If you are an independent school owner looking to gain international recognition, please consider our Organisation to help and gain affiliation to an international martial arts network.

• Education
The WFKU offers instructor certification, school coaching, and many martial art programs and disciplines. Comprehensive Instructor and Student support services resources are available.

• Resources
Complete Video resources for all elements of our Syllabus for our members to include curriculums, programs, and access to a vast network of qualified martial art instructors. Private online groups to chat and discuss and aspects of your training and our club.

Interested in establishing a Full Contact Karate Branch in your region?

Dear Shihan, Sensei, Master thank you for your interest to World Full Contact Karate Union!

The WFKU • World Full Contact Karate Union is open to all styles of Martial Arts and Budoka worldwide and we appreciate your achievements in other Martial Arts! If you have a Dan Grade in another similar Karate Organization this will be taken into consideration by the reviewing committee.

All Membership applications must be evaluated and approved by WFKU HQ. The first step in affiliating your group with the WFKU you must fill the World Full Contact Karate Union – WFKU-Application-Form and send it to e-mail:

The Headquarters office will review you your group and its activities. Together the WFKU Board will decide as to whether your affiliation should be approved. Upon approval, notification will be sent from the WFKU HQ to your group. If you a successful you will receive;

  • Internationally recognized Rank and Instructor Certification
  • Regular regional and international Training Camps
  • Instructor Certification Training
  • Official WFKU Branch Certificate;
  • Your name, photo and your Dojo location will be added on the official website of World Full Contact Karate Union: &

For more detailed information, please contact the Headquarters of WFKU

Best regards!


Yours in Budo
WFKU Board

Members pay an annual fee of €100 by 28th February each year.
This amount must be transferred to the WFKU bank account or PayPal account by the above date.